With University of Minho - Computer Graphics Center - CCG, we have specified and developed, we have specified and developed, a system for geo-localization of fraud in real-time.

geo-FRAUD is one of the most innovative ideas in the fight against fraud in public transport.

geo-FRAUD is more than an anti-fraud system, it is a solution that, in addition to combating passenger fraud, helps operators to reduce revenue loss due to validations not made by customers in the concessions.

This system has no comparison with other solutions on the market and we are now testing in Portugal and briefly in other countries.

  • Detection: Detection can be made in real-time with biometrics and intelligent image processing;

  • AI Data: Data collection and management, check-in and check-out by stop, statistics and Kpi’s using predictive models suggesting action plans;

  • Management: Geo-localization of fraud in real-time, guidance of inspectors on the field and create operational information;

  • Integration: Centralize all data from ticketing system and inspector’s activities and crossing it with data collected and managed by geo-FRAUD.

  • Do not wait the contests to worry about all your revenue. Start now to win your contests by controlling your revenue.

    geo-FRAUD is a solution based on 4 intelligent modules: